How to optimize your move?

Déménagement Paris

A move to the city, “even more so to Paris, is always a stressful stage. If you change accommodation inside the capital, leave Paris for the province, move to the suburbs or move abroad, make your life easier by following these few tips. They will allow you to effectively optimize your move.

Before moving, make a checklist

First advice, anticipate your move sufficiently. Do you know when your lease ends and when you can take possession of your new home? This will make things easier. Make a list of everything you need to do, based on your needs and situation:

  • Report your change of address: “Your employer, taxes, insurance”
  • Move your subscriptions : water, gas, electricity, internet…
  • Insert your children in their new school
  • Take out a subscription to the nearest car park
  • Find boxes and make them
  • Provide your friends or family members who can help you move
  • Find a trusted moving professional
  • Rent a truck
  • Present the Borough Hall of your move to benefit from easy parking. Also check the work periods of your neighbourhoods, old and future.

Moving to Paris: leave nothing to chance

On D-Day, we will have to be efficient. There is no question of multiplying unnecessary trips, stress in traffic jams at the wheel of the truck, forgetting things on the sidewalk, missing cardboard boxes; this is all the more true in a city like Paris, where traffic is heavy and stress rises rapidly. To optimize your moving Paris, the week before, check that you have not forgotten anything and that everything is packed. Also check that your friends will be there or that the moving company you are calling is well in advance. Get as much rest as you can, have a good night’s sleep, have a solid breakfast… and everything should be fine.

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